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I am a born again believer by the grace of God. I am also Holy Ghost filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues. My 1st introduction to Jesus occurred during the early years of my life in elementary school when I attended a Catholic school in Chicago, IL. As students, we were required to take classes that taught about the Catholic religion. I sensed that there was something very special about this man called "the Christ"; however, neither of my parents reinforced nor taught me about Him within the home. My next encounter occurred during high school, when I began attending a Baptist church where I was water-baptized, confessed Christ, but did not fully understand relationships and how to live life.

My conversion did not truly happen until I was away at college in 1979 at a small campus church called Monument of Hope. I love the Lord Jesus dearly and my relationship has grown deeper and sweeter over the years. It continues to be progressive; although as we all have experienced, there were some pitfalls along the way. I have a better understanding of and appreciation for (2) scriptures: ‘If you want to reign with me, you must also suffer with me’, and ‘All things work together for good, to them that love the Lord, the called according to His purpose.’ (Romans Chapter 8)

I have kept a spiritual journal for approximately 30 years of my walk with the Lord and the experiences that I have grown and learned from. I could literally write a book and someday I will of the journey. God has gifted me as a minister, seer, and teacher. I absolutely love going out on the streets and witnessing and evangelizing people. Additionally, God has called me an intercessor and prayer warrior. Prayer is an essential part of my life.

I married while still in college during my last year and to our union (3) children were born: Sione, Solomon, and Symeon. Each one has families of their own (and soon to be). They are all saved and all accepted Jesus at young ages (answered prayer). A very good friend encouraged me to begin to pray while they were still in my womb developing for their salvation. I thank God for each of them and look forward to the great things God will do through each family for His kingdom!

I will share a few notable experiences and be very transparent as I found that to be truly effective, we must share our deliverances and testimonies of the goodness and greatness of our God; although I have come to appreciate everyone as I have grown thereby. These were turning points in my walk with the Lord. Check out my blog page for more.

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