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So for as long as I can remember in the ministry of faith in my Lord and

Savior Jesus, I have felt an unction to tell people about Him whether

among my family or friends, at the store, waiting in a line, sitting next to

someone on the airplane, on city streets, at the food court of the mall,  

standing in front of a church, in the pulpit, even sharing with known enemies,

etc.  I have been compelled to share the gospel of how much God loves each

of His creation and His desire to have a personal relationship with each one

whether young, old, rich, or poor.  A funny story that my mother tells that

as a child, I wanted to become a nun during my attendance at Catholic schools,

so I was attracted to the consecrated life and service of God even at a young

age before I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

After really getting save and consecrating my life to Him away in college,

I had a dream that has stayed with me over the course of 35 years.  I was

sure it was a spiritual dream in nature with a message.  In the dream, I was walking in shallow clear water may be up to my shin or just below my knee and I could see dead fish lying flat on the pond/river floor -  observing their thin skin reveal their skeletons.  The water was ‘still’ as I remember, with no waves and little movement.  There was no doubt or question that the fish were dead. In the dream, I did not see my mother however, I knew she was present and attempting to discourage me from walking in the water.  She was concern about my safety I ascertained; however, she was a type of hindrance (years later she re-dedicated her life to Jesus as Savior). 

Another dream came sometime later in which I was towards the front of my church, just beyond the pulpit and standing a short distance from the table with an offering plate on top.  I called out an Asian man with short dark hair, petite in the statue to be saved as I knew in the Spirit he wanted to repent of his sins and give his heart to Jesus.  He came to the front and seemed to be happy.  I asked the congregation for an offering – it turned out to be green peas.  There were ten others that I knew desired salvation in a specific area of the church; however, I woke up before calling them out.   Here was another spiritual dream Holy Spirit would unfold over time and I understood.

And so my journey begins….fast forward the operation of the gifts began to manifest in several areas: prophetic words and dreams, concentrated study and writing of the Word, a burden for ‘the lost’ and children in intercessory prayer, including spiritual warfare and evangelism and teaching.  My prayer language did not come fluently until much later because of lack of understanding and teaching, nonetheless, I expressed my love for my Father God, Jesus my elder brother and Savior, and my best friend Holy Spirit in prayer and fellowship with frequent communion.

Over the course of time, I experienced multiple confirmations through multiple sources that I was destined for missionary service.  There are times when the Lord will give pieces of a puzzle and we begin to connect the pieces to unveil a bigger picture of our destiny.  The cumulation occurred when I attended a women’s conference in 2006 at the Georgia Dome.  We were required to leave our seats in the ‘stands’ and walk to the floor during the offering portion of the service.  As I was approaching the altar and area called the ‘threshing floor’, God said ‘run’.  I broke from the line and under the strong presence and unction of Holy Spirit began running and praising the Lord.  I remember being compelled to run a certain pattern (very large figure eight) and Holy Spirit spoke and said ‘they will go the nations.’  Intuitively I understood that He was referring to my children, knowing each had a calling on their lives.   I also knew the message was for me! It was a type of mandate.

I enrolled at Rhema Bible College in 2018 after going to the 2017 Fall College Weekend with the intent of completing (3) years of training.  I graduated in 2020 and I am currently in the school of World Missions continuing the path towards becoming a cross-cultural missionary.  Our class just received assignments for our Spring internships and mine is the Philippines.  I am drawn to the Asian people and specifically believe my assignment will eventually take me to Hong Kong. 


To belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with him.

- William Carey, Missionary India

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