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2004 Pastor Judy Jacobs Mentoring Institute Experience

After attending the Dominion Campmeeting with Pastor Rod Parsley during the summer of 2004 and hearing (now) Pastor Judy Jacobs describe the Mentoring Institute and how God miraculously gave her the land/building for the facility, I had a desire to participate in program. I was fortunate to be a part of it! It was the launch of the first group of women. At the culmination of workshops, teaching sessions, etc., we had an ordination service and sent forth/launched out for ministry. It was a very powerful time of worship. So powerful was the worship that many of the women were either prostate on the floor or weeping somewhere in the sanctuary. I remember the Lord speaking when I inquired what it was that I observed and He said ‘These are my daughters of Zion’. So I sometimes refer to myself this way. I received my first prayer shawl and began to study and learn of the significance of wrapping in it as I prayed. Ten years later, I still do so, especially in serious warfare!

God has shown me in the past a ministry involving youth. Additionally a ministry that is focused in the area of ‘deliverance’, setting people free from bondage, demons, etc.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a propensity towards understanding the role of Christians in spiritual warfare and how to help others understand and be victorious, especially in intercession. I was in bondage in a number of areas in my life coming up. If we have an understanding of the strategies of the enemy and the weapons we possess, we are in a better position to defeat him.

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